Nancy F

When my husband was deployed to Iraq, my children ended up eating cereal and canned foods every night – my ability to think of creative meals seriously stunted by worry about my husband's safety.  When I joined Super Supper's Gold Club, however, things changed.  I bought a freezer for my garage and filled it with tasty and affordable meals.
But more than just feeding my kids, I could feed the neighborhood.  Suddenly, I could invite people over for sit down meals, with very little preparation or fuss.  It allowed me to have regular fellowship with dear friends in my own home – a downright necessity as word from Iraq worsened. 
Super Suppers is more than just food, it's also family, fun, and friendship.
(And now that my husband's back -- and the war has turned around -- I can at least pretend to be a much better cook.)
Thanks, Super Suppers!

Vivian S

Real food anywhere!

We love Super Suppers!  While camping out in a 'suite' hotel for several weeks in 2008 we were living on fast food, restaurant food and gaining weight.  Then we discovered Super Suppers - REAL FOOD that we could quickly prepare and enjoy - as if we had made it in our own kitchen!

We loved every meal from Super Suppers Franklin and found that the owner was most accomodating. With proper notice, Phemie will make us vegetarian meals which we enjoy immensely.  And we find our regular favorites in the freezer ready to go!  

The monthly program keeps us coming back and we love the savings provided!  Where else can you get a great meal for 2 or 3 people for less than $15?  My kitchen stays clean and I dont waste money on impulse buys at the grocery store.

We love to give Super Suppers for gifts - and recently took an ice chest full to a friend to celebrate her new baby!  And she absolutely loved the food instead of more baby clothes!

We can only say GOOD THINGS about Super Suppers Franklin!
Tasty Healthy Food, Reasonable Prices, and Great Service!

New to Nashville and Love it!



Melissa M

i am known as super mom in my house. I have achieved this name on the Wii  even though i have never spent a second actually playing the game. What generous kids i have!   this year i became a single mom on a strict budget with time and money. I run my own eco friendly cleaning company, teach preschool and attend graduate school. When we are finally home together i cannot waste  time shopping, cooking, prepping and cleaning up. What a joy to hear "You really are a super mom!" as i serve dinner. Thanks to supper supers, i get to spend 10 hours more each week with my children that i would not have otherwise. What a gift to us! Coupled with the nutritional, delicious meals at such a value from the staff, we are blessed  beyond measure!


I was tired last night and didn't have time to type but I wanted to let you both know I was very impressed with SS! My husband and I do "Body for Life" which is a balanced meal plan which stresses low-fat and balanced carbs. I have virtually eliminated butter and oils from my cooking. I was concerned that some of the recipes that I chose would be a little more fat laden that we could eat during our regular weekly meals! WOW! You guys blew me away with fresh ingredients and lower fat recipes, no butter and very little oil... Anyway, I can't wait to pull those prepared meals out of my freezer next week and have a healthy meal for my family.

Jennifer D

I had an extra busy day and my Mom had to come wait on the bus and get kids where they were supposed to go while I was at the office. I thawed a meat loaf and left her a note to put it in oven. It was soo good! Clint and I purposefully scooped out two bowls for our lunches tomorrow! And he is all over the stuffed peppers, we adore the chicken stir fry, kids gobbled the pork chops and we ate every last morsel of white fish. With a family of 5, if we can just skip 1 dining out a week, it pays for my whole month of super suppers! Flank steak tomorrow is already thawing in fridge! Thank you for feeding my family! They are proud of me and we are having great quality time at the dinner table together!

Ann Sheets

As a working mom, I don't have a lot of time to prepare the type of meals that I would like to for my family. Super Suppers has been wonderful -- I like the variety, the quality, and especially the ease in preparing supper. I also enjoy the fellowship of preparing the suppers ahead of time with friends. I have been several times and will keep on coming back. Thanks for making my life easier!

Vicki K.

Hi Judie - I just wanted to let you know how much fun I had at the Super Suppers cooking demonstration at Super Suppers Littleton. My mother-in-law joined me there the next day and she was quite taken with the place. She wants us (myself, herself, and my 2 sisters-in-law who live in town) to have a girls' night out at Super Suppers. I have served 3 Super Suppers meals and my family has liked every one of them. The funny thing is that I didn't plan on going there because I've been cooking our meals myself for over 22 years. I really envisioned the place as being for working women or women who just didn't know how to cook at all. But now that I've been there I'm going to make it a monthly habit. It was a fun atmosphere and I got to prepare meals that I seldom, if ever, fix at home. Thanks a lot for your vision and your visit.


My husband and I are retired and our children have families of their own. It's no fun cooking for just the two of us. My daughter and I went to Super Suppers and split the meals. We had a great time and we love the meals.


My family of four just finished eating the chicken fried rice that we all made together yesterday. Thanks so much for solving our daily dinner dilemma in such a fun and scrumptious way!


As a grad student, mother of 3 college students, a HS senior and a 3 year old I have NO time to cook or even think about what to make. Needless to say we eat out a LOT! A classmate told me about Super Suppers. My middle son moved into his first apartment away from home last week to go to college - I thought the 6 meal plan would be a great way to fill his freezer and help him learn to cook at once. He was so impressed when we went to SS in Austin last weekend that he is already eyeing next months menu and thinking about what he would like. What a great thing for college students living off campus! *I* was so impressed, I went to my local super suppers when I returned from out of town and filled my freezer too! My semester starts next week and I am READY! We were spending nearly 200 a week eating out, this is much cheaper, much healthier and much tastier!! I plan to get a couple of relatives gift certificates for birthdays when the Super Suppers near them opens!


Rebekah Brown

Loved my time at Super Suppers. It was great time to prepare a meal in a relaxing atmosphere. I made 6 meals in a little over an hour and loved every minute of it! The staff in Arlington, Texas were very helpful. The meals are delicious! I will be back every month.

Laura Ballard

I can now join the ranks of the Super Moms thanks to Super Suppers! My family was so excited to sit at our kitchen table and eat great food last night - it changed our whole evening. This has put family time back into our evening! Thanks so much!

Jen in ParkGlen

I have to say I was skeptical at first but after only one bite of the first meal, we were hooked! Fabulous food, great staff, and such a convenience!!!

Tammy Lewis

I just got back from my first experience at Super Suppers at the Richardson, Tx location. I had a great time!!! And I came home with 6 great meals (a friend and I slpit 6 family meals). I hate to cook and I especially hate the clean-up. Super Suppers eliminated these problems. All I have to do now is pop my stuff in the oven and I've got homecooked meals without the messy clean-up and prep work. The staff (a Husband/Wife team) were wonderfull!!! Wine was served as well as snacks in a very relaxing atmosphere. I will recommend Super Suppers to everyone I talk to and plan to make it a monthly event for myself. What a FANTASTIC, cost effective way to eat great food on a regular basis! Thank you for the great experience!

Allison & Joe

We just had our first experience with Super Suppers & absolutely had a blast! My husband said "..best date I have been on in a long time & I'm married!". I thought that was so cute of him. WE really had fun plus loved the entrees we made up. Looking foward to tasting!


This past Sat. afternoon was my 3rd visit to Richardson Super Suppers and as usual it was great! The atmosphere and decorating is top notch. I especially like the half wall as you come in. It gives you the opportunity to "look" beyond the wall but not feel like you're interfering with the "work in progress". There's no way I could get as much prepared and ready at home. My husband loves this food and I love the easy way it allows me to get a good meal on the table even when I'm running late from work!! Thanks Cynthia and Bill!!




This place is so cool! I love it. I have no time for cooking so yes everyday is going out. And it's expensive. My husband and I tried SS and I love it! It's so cool & I feel like a chef! yay! So I totally recommend! And it's so inexpensive. I'am telling all my friends about this place!


I love to cook, but was without my cooking tools and spices for several months while our new home was being built. I was so frustrated at my options for making meals for my family in our temporary apartment and was thrilled when I learned about Super Suppers - it was the perfect solution. Now that I am in my new home with my wonderful kitchen, I still keep a few meals from Super Suppers in my freezer for those hectic days when I can't cook.

Kay B.

Super Suppers has solved my problems with meal planning, grocery shopping, and getting dinner on the table at a decent hour -- even after a long day at work. My kids are trying things I never thought they'd eat. I have such a great time with friends during our sessions. Thank you, Super Suppers -- I'm telling all my friends and coworkers!

Elizabeth Morse

I really enjoy the super suppers! I have attended 2 parties. They are fun. The Richardson location is so efficient and clean! The snacks they provide and the atmosphere make it fun. It is much more fun to come home and not have to spend hours in the kitchen. My husband and teenage son think they are great too!


Had to share a new use for the Twice Baked Stuff Potatoes. Otherday our family was sick. I took a few of the stuffed potatoes added a can of chicken broth and simmered on the stove for a quick Baked Potato Soup. It was great and I think is what got everyone well so quickly. Thanks


I had a great time at Super Suppers. It is now a monthly tradition for a girls night out. What is better than getting together with good friends and making great meals for your family? Genious Idea!

Mary W.

My husband and I been to Super Suppers in Northwest Oklahoma City twice and really enjoy it. We plan on making it a monthly thing. The food is wonderful, the staff is helpful, and the experience is fun. Working full time and going to school leaves me with no time to cook. But, with Super Suppers, I can now have a hot meal on the table. And, the evening at super suppers is entertaining. We have fun with it! Thanks!


my exsperiance at my local super suppers was great!!! the atmophere was relaxing and you could work at you own pace. i think that super suppers is a wonderful idea!!!! thanks so much for making cooking so much fun


It is such a HUGE relief to not have to think of something for dinner and then to be sure you have all of the ingredients. Super Supper is SPECTACULAR!

Carole Bruton

I am a musician and teach piano each day until around 6 PM. Many evenings I'm also involved with music-related activities, rehearsals, etc. Having the Super Suppers meals in my freezer has removed the hassle of getting a good and nutritious meal on the table in between teaching and rehearsals. And everything we've had has been absolutely delicious! Thank you so much!


My husband & I both work & to be able to come home to a wonderful meal every night that takes minutes to heat up is great!!! The staff is so helpful too. Thank you.


As morning sickness set in with my third pregnancy, Super Suppers was there to provide healthy and delicious meals to my family. They even packed up the dinners I chose when I was too sick to come to class. What a blessing!

Pamela Burns

My husband is a CPA so during tax season when he is working a million hours I like to be sure to have dinner ready for him when he gets home. Often I eat earlier as his nights get later and I don't always have the same thing I make him or I may go out. So Super Suppers is a perfect solution to having dinner ready for him no matter what time he comes home and still offer him variety and good tasting meals. We just had one so far but it was great.

Carol D.

The London Broil and Twice Baked Potatoes were awesome!! Easy to prepare at home and company loved them. Thanks for making my life easier!!! Can't wait to come back for more!!!


My husband travels often and usually on only a day or twos notice. This makes meal planning and grocery shopping for our family of two really difficult. We used to waste a ton of food, but with Super Suppers everything is planned, divided into small portions, AND I only have to thaw what we need a day in advance. If it's just me, I can cook a meal and take leftovers for lunch. If it's both of us, we have a delicious meal in minutes! PERFECT!


I was given a chance to do this for my Birthday on Saturday March 4th! It was awesome. I have told everyone I know to do this and hopefully will have a group soon! The Enid store was clean and friendly!

Nicky Hamlin

I have been a "Super Suppers Cheerleader" since I began attending classes in November. I have always enjoyed cooking, but was fruSELECT * FROM `cms` WHERE 1strated as a working mother because I didn't have the time to prepare the type of meals that I wanted my family to eat. Once I found Super Suppers, I was thrilled to know that I could make healthy, family-friendly meals AND have time to spend with my family. The food is excellent, the staff is great, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Not to mention the appetizers are out of this world! I look forward to the classes because it allows me a two-hour escape from the stresses of motherhood. Plus it's nice to cook a months worth of meals with no chopping or clean-up. Thank you Super Suppers for making my life easier, my family healthier, and my kitchen cleaner!

Suzanne Sudduth

I was very impressed with the food and the atmosphere while I was in the Super Suppers in Ridgeland. I see great potential for this company and the food is unbeliveable. Excellent!!! Good bye Grocery stores for me


I was excited about my first time, my husband on the other hand was skeptical. After trying it, he loves the food and we're both looking forward to the next trip. I'm going to bring him with me!

Paula Gross

I went last night and booked a party today! I LOVED it! 

Tanny Esterle

I have used the super suppers for three nights and I am already impressed. I have a question about the London Broil. What is the best way to prepare this one. Please advise. Thank you.


I went to Super Suppers for my first time recently after seeing it on TV quite a few times. I was very excited and let me just say that it lived up to my expectations. It was a lot of fun to put everything together and the food is DELICIOUS!!!! Very easy to make at home and the taste is wonderful. I already can't wait for my next experience!

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